Monday, February 23, 2009

Wayward Frock Packets

I have some photos to post of packets I've put together to send Jennifer. These are the vintage slips I've had a bear of a time dyeing since they are synthetic fibers and not all labeled so I have to guess what they are and what dyes to use. Paula Burch has been a great help with the dyeing online resource group she monitors but still these slips "just didn't want to straighten up and dye right"!

I have dyed silk fabrics and ribbons, some dyed laces, collected vintage buttons and jewelry pieces to coordinate with the slips and then I send to Jennifer who is working magic in transforming the slips into wearable "wayward frocks".

We plan to debut these at Art Unraveled Vendor day in Phoenix this year where we'll be teaching a hat making workshop too.

I wish I were a better photographer. I'm working on getting a better set up to take pictures but so far this is the best I can do.


Michele R. Unger said...

Lorri, your packets are amazingly beautiful! I wish I was going to be at the vendor night so I could shop, shop, SHOP! Beautiful, each and every one! Will you be at ArtFest? Art & Soul/Portland?

All the best,

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful. beautiful! I don't suppose you're going to be able to make any extra large sizes (please). I'll be bringing lots of money to spend at your booth in August. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and Jennifer.


Connie said...

ooooh.....what yummy colors they are! you have to post pictures after AU before they are all snatched up!These will be a BIG HIT!

Chris Flynn said...

Oh my gosh Lorri! these are BEAUTIFUL! Good job! they just make me feel so good looking at them,(your photos were great).

I'm with Joanne, make some large sizes too!

big hugs Chris

Judy Streger said...

I hope you'll post some pictures of the finished frocks for us to see. I'm sure they will be amazing.