Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silk Ribbons

I just posted some more of my hand dyed ribbons on Etsy. Before I was through posting I had already made a sale. I am always amazed at who purchases them and what they do with them.

Here my dear friend Nina made this lovely story necklace. Her pieces truly are narrative as she calls them. She incorporated some of my faux scripted torn fabric ribbon strips into "The Forest" This piece sold very quickly as most of her jewelry does. Here are some images she so graciously sent me with permission to post.

Another jeweler friend of mine, Caty who creates fabulous lampwork beads and some edgy jewelry designs with PMC and copper, has purchased (and traded) ribbons with me. Here is one of her creation using a dyed silk cord. Isn't it lovely?

A few years ago I had a workshop in Kauai with the talented DJ Pettitt where she "constructed" this fabric book. I say constructed because it seems like many layers of work - painting, stitching, and handwork where she used fabrics I had dyed for her and see the shibori dyed silk ribbon she uses to tie it all together? Another use for my humble little ribbons. BTW, DJ gave me this book as a gift in front of a class I was teaching and I had to staunch the tears of joy as I argued with her that she could not give me such a thing. Since then I am learning grace, how to say "thank you" and not argue against such beautiful gifts.

If you purchase ribbons from me I would love to hear back from you about what you create with them or use them for!

BTW, I just got notice that one of my "wayward threads" vintage reborn slip dresses is in an Etsy Treasury. Another slip dress was also listed in a Treasury a few weeks ago here.


Joanne Huffman said...

Your ribbons are always so beautiful (you are bringing some to AU for me to buy; right).

jan b. said...

Love that array of dreamy ribbons in the first photo! and glad to see your work getting featured too.