Monday, August 16, 2010

Part II of Road trip to Phoenix-Art Unraveled

After arriving in Phoenix on Thursday I had an uneventful evening with a well needed rest. Friday after breakfast Jennifer and I took off to SAS fabrics. This year we went to the one on Indian School road because we found out it's air conditioned (what a concept). It's not as large as the one on 19th but that store doesn't have AC and believe me in Phoenix in Aug. it's much more pleasant to shop where it's cool.

After purchasing many bargains of fabrics, trims ($1.00 a spool/bag), and sundries we took off in search of a bottle opener and silicone spray. Both items should have been easy to find but really we went to several places before we found either of them.

Finally arrived back at the hotel where I thought I would mix dyes for the class on Sunday but decided I needed to rest more since I had a class that evening. Drawing Lab with Carla Sonheim. Fun drawing exercises to get you going. I'm posting some of the things I did and hope this doesn't discourage anyone from taking classes with her. BTW she is offering an online class. Note that these little drawings were done quickly, some with my left hand, some by not letting the pencil leave the paper, some by just scribbling the shape of object in. I was wanting to jumpstart back into drawing and this really did help me.

Saturday I was up early to set up my vendor booth. I always get keyed up for these events and it's helpful when people actually come buy your wares and especially for me when a garment finds the perfect home. For instance on this lovely and sweet young woman. Could this dress fit her more perfectly???

Here are a few more samples of items I sold.

Me in my booth.

After vendor day was over and I had packed everything back to my room, Jennifer & I had some dinner (and well deserved adult beverage) and then I spend a couple of hours mixing the dyes for class the next day. The class was successful and I posted the results in an earlier post. "wayward blooms to dye for" and I think they are!

Monday morning I got my car packed up (again). I have to broadcast that the hotel staff at the Embassy Suites in Paradise Valley are the best!! They are always so helpful. They know me now and not one of them goes running when they see me arrive. It's a good indication of their compassion to help.

Around noon I was headed for Sedona to spend a couple days with dear friends.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Your drawings look fun and enticing. There's a James Thurber quality to your dogs. Your clothes are always stunning and I know several people (including me) who are delighted to own one of your creations.