Friday, November 14, 2008

Headless Angel

Several years ago my long time friend Janet gave me a terra cotta angel blowing a
kiss. It has sat on the edge of the shelf above my computer among other art items I have of "winged things". Well this cute Moo kitty decided to romp along my shelf.

I was in the other room and heard a sound of something breaking. I discovered that my little angel had fallen and was broken, but only the head, shattered into bits!

I replaced the angel in her spot but there's something just not right about a headless angel so I may have to let her go.


Jood said...

You are TOO funny! But I am a tad ashamed of you---you don't let her sit there headless...You PROVIDE a head for her! Yep, make one! Alter her! Think big! :-) jood

Joanne Huffman said...

With her hand set for bowing a kiss, it now looks like she's got it out waiting to hold a head.


Jood said...

oh my....leave it to our Joanne to devise a most delicious idea! Well done! jood

Kris said...

I dunno Lorri, there are some awesome sculptured art pieces with missing limbs, heads and such...
but if you do re-head it make sure you share :)
And that photo of your kitty! what a cute kitty!