Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home for a short time

Gosh, I have so much to write about and so little time. The trip to New Mexico was wonderful. Such a beautiful state. Jonny, Joanne, Jimmy, Michael, and I rented a house just outside Taos for most of the trip. Nicer than a motel and about the same cost. Here are the views we had to endure.

I got to visit with my aunt and uncle in Albuquerque which was a treat. We rode the tram up to Sandia peak and had dinner at a very nice restaurant and rode the tram back down after another lovely sunset. I had a friend who worked developing photos and he said everyone takes a picture of a sunset or ten. He said they used to yell NAFS! You figure out what that stands for (clue: it starts with "not another ....).

We visited with old friends and people played music and sang into the night, just like old times. My husband, Michael went fly fishing and I went to the plaza and visited art galleries and stores. Went to the Red Rive one day and it was so beautiful.

Now I'm home and need to get to my studio and pack for Art Unraveled. Last year for this trip my car was loaded to the gills. This year I have to leave room for Jennifer and her luggage. EEK! I may have to get the car top carrier out which I'd really like to avoid. It definitely makes me look like a "beverly hillbilly"!! Picture me in my Subaru Outback, stuffed, car top carrier, out on I10 with all those truckers ............. or not.

I downloaded all the photos my friend Wendy took of two young women, Kate & Jennifer, wearing some of the vintage frocks that will be for sale at AU vendor day. There are so many good ones I can't post them all but I'll try to pick a few out and come back to post them a little later today.

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