Friday, July 17, 2009

"Ties That Bind" Update

I wrote a while back about an art doll my sister, Jan Brown, designed and constructed from decorated ties and charms that various artists across the country sent her to be auctioned off in September. (click on auction for information about the raffle to win her.) Now there is a book!

This book is an extention of the art doll....another part of the project that will carry on our collaborative spirit.

All proceeds from this book go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

This book is filled with gorgeous photos of the doll and some of the individual art contributions. In addition and most importantly, the Ties That Bind book captures the spirit of hope, courage, faith and love. It is bursting with inspirational quotes and stories. This book is not just about the artists or images but about what their art expresses. The content is directed towards those that need or appreciate encouragement and inspiration not just in art but in life itself.

During the design process, it became clear that artist recognition was not the only reason to design this book, but more to let the art shine. And shine it does! The finished book emerged from the idea of showcasing the artists and their work. However, it did not take long to realize that the book was much much more.

Although we could not feature each and every piece of art submitted nor could we include all the artists bios, quotes and stories that were sent in we tried our very best! Content, cost, limited space and the flavor of the book made it impossible to include everything. This book features the strong spirit of the entire Ties That Bind project. Of course, ALL artists who contributed art for the project are credited in the book!!!!

The book is a professionally bound 7x7 book of high quality. It can be ordered either as a hardcover image wrapped book or a softcover book.

You can peek at and purchase a copy of the book at the following link:

http://tinyurl. com/lesnkv

*If you have a problem with the above link you can also go to
http://www.blurb. com and type in the search window at the top the following: artfulaileen
and click on the book that comes up or you can go to the TTB blog and click on the book prevew in the sidebar.

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