Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nature Around My World

6 a.m. on the West Coast. I used to be a night owl most all my young life but these days I can't sleep in and often relish the peaceful quietness of early mornings. The crickets have ceased their nightsong and the birds have taken over. I watch the fog swirl in and around the mountains causing the tops to look like islands floating in air. I pour a cup of coffee, sit and look out the large windows that bank the front of my rounded house to the rolling hills down to the Monterey Bay.

A spotted towhee is resting on an olive branch while doves flit across the sky. Now the cats are at the screen door wanting breakfast. This is how I begin my day.

We heard the screams of a large cat animal again last night. What we believe is a mountain lion (see previous post). Not as close to the house this time but farther down the canyon from my garden. It sounded different, not so human. Perhaps because it was farther away or maybe it wasn't the same cat? Maybe a bobcat instead. We do see the bobcats from time to time. We had a family of them living around the curve of our driveway. Once while I was taking a walk down our drive I rounded the corner to see a bobcat about 40 feet in front of me. It stopped, turned and looked right at me! Then it padded off. I followed and as it disappeared around the bend I wondered would it be crouching in wait to pounce at me? Then I told myself that was silly. As I rounded the next curve there was the bobcat stopped again, turning to watch me. Then it veered off down the mountainside. It was a unique experience. As I passed the spot I saw him leave the road I looked around but didn't see a sign of of him.

I need to finish my coffee and begin to load some things in my car as I'm headed to Berkeley today to meet with Jennifer and finalize our plans for the trip to Art Unraveled.


Connie said...

gorgeous pictures, beautiful words!

jan b. said...

communing with wildlife ....
ask me about our encounter with the big buck on the bicycle trail on Monday. Looked like a 5 pointer.