Monday, July 20, 2009

Leaving Town

I am going on a vacation tomorrow, not traveling for teaching or workshops but an actual vacation with my husband. For several years now he and I took independent vacations so someone would be home with the school aged children. Now that milestone has passed as Tony turned 18 last month and has graduated from high school, we're able to travel together again. We're going to New Mexico for 8 days, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos.

My son was clearing brush around our house and found this in a tree and cut it down and brought it to my attention. He knows how much I like to look (and save for god knows why) things of nature, shells, seed pods, bird feathers, you name I probably have one. Look how elaborate this little nest is built up and think of the time and effort it must have taken the small bird that built it. Amazing, I think.

My friend Wendy did a photo shoot this last Wednesday with two beautiful teenage girls. Then she left town and I haven't seen any of the pictures yet and I'm dyeing to see them. They are of the girls modeling the new vintage redesigned clothing Jennifer and I have been working so hard on. I want to give everyone interested a preview of what we'll be selling! I hope when I get back on the 29th and before I leave again on August 1st I'll be able to do that. Stay tuned.

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