Monday, March 8, 2010

Alameda Flea Market Excursion

My friend Cindy had told me about the Alameda Flea Market that happens the first Sunday of each month but I hadn't gotten a chance to visit it until yesterday. I met Char and we took off to meet up with Cindy and Stephanie. I actually tried to back out as I had paperwork to prepare for the accountant (this means taxes, ugh!) but I am delighted I didn't give in to that drudgery and went to the flea market instead. It ended up being a beautiful day and I was successful in my finds.

But first let me share this with you: A while back my sister had sent me a link to someone's blog (I can't remember who it was or I would give them credit for this idea) who described herself as a flea market junkie and proceeded to post "the things I didn't buy". I thought this was hilarious so yesterday I decided to take some pics of the things I didn't buy. And here they are!

I did not buy the hat with the funny balls and plastic leaves on it nor the fake fruit ornamented with frosted sparkling sand.

I did not buy the iron boy fishing statue to adorn my yard.

I did not buy the sing-along dance machine even though I thought it was pretty cool!

I did not buy the fake furry jacket for fear that someone might think I was Yeti.

I did not buy the wood and metal flying duck plaque ensemble.

I did not buy any of these bird related items.

I did not buy this pink fuzzy poodle pad thingy.

I did not buy these giants concrete yard (?) ornaments.

I did not buy this gold flying woman statuette.

I did not buy this fake velvet lounge act jacket.

I did not buy these pajama pants made from old chenille bedspreads, but really now I wish I had as I bet they would be really comfy (much to my husband's dismay I'm sure).

I did not buy this chenille bedspread robe to go with the pajama pants.

And I did not buy this bunny on a stick decoration even though Easter is coming.

My next post I'll write about the things I did buy.


jan b. said...

Oh my ... do you remember that I used to have a concrete fishing boy like that iron one? I probably shouldn't admit to that.

lifeshighway said...

You have a great eye for things I love but don't want to own.

I'm so torn, but I believe my favorite it the golden flying woman. I would love to be able to post that picture and of course give you lots of credit and praise.

eirene said...

The monthly Alameda Flea & Antiques Market is a target rich environment...both for things not-to-buy as well as gotta-have-ems!

lilylovekin said...

Maybe we could meet for the next Alameda Flea market? By the way I did buy those chenille bedspread pants and yes they are very comfy!!! Lorrie

Joanne Huffman said...

I might have bought a few of those.

Connie said...

...that didn't look like a boy fishing to me....