Friday, March 26, 2010

Faux Script Scarves and Ribbons

I've been busy since I got home from my visit to Texas. I dye painted four silk scarves and faux scripted on them and I worked on a batch of ribbons, hand dyeing, painting, and faux writing on them. I just finished listing them in my etsy shop with the exception of two of the scarves which are to be gifts. I also designed some fabric pieces with the writing to incorporate into some clothing ideas I have.

I visit a couple of shops when I was in Wimberley that I just loved. The decor was one I felt like I could live with or a great environment to work in! One shop was Circa and the other was Brocante. When I walked into River House I was delighted to discover an old friend worked there. I took photos and it inspired me to think about display of items, in my booth when I do shows, when I photograph things, and even just to have around in my studio.

I spent some time playing with ways to display my ribbons. I found some little booklets I made years ago in a class I took with Traci Bautista and tied some of the faux scripted ribbons around them. I also got out a book cover I made in another class with Albie Smith and tied a ribbon around it. I got out some vintage thread spools and wrapped some shibori dyed silk ribbons around them.

My friend Michelle and I at the River House in front of "The Stairway to Heaven".

It's a beautiful spring day here which lifts my spirits and makes me want to be in my studio but at the same time I become distracted by the garden calling to me to prepare for planting. This means weeding and adding soil amenities and checking the irises to see if blooms are forming yet. I worked very hard last year with my son's help to create a garden path with gravel and pavers hoping it would deter the gophers but no such luck. The path is in upheaval and the varmints are reeking havoc! Urgh! Sigh ....... such is life.


Joanne Huffman said...

You have been beautifully busy! I love evry photo in this post.

jan b. said...

I think your ribbons dress up your booklets wonderfully. And you know that if I lived close enough, I'd be there weeding with/for you.