Friday, March 12, 2010

Hand Painted Faux Written Script Scarves

I just listed the silk scarves I've been working on the last few days in my Etsy shop.

I showed some images of these scarves in my previous post and will add the ones I finished today at the end of this post.

I start with a 100% habotai china silk scarf and color wash the background then add faux written script with fabric paint. When scripting I am actually writing song lyrics or poems so sometimes a legible word will pop out and be readable but mostly the writing is suggestive only. This made me ponder - if you write down words of a poem or a passage or lyrics do the word images imbue the essence of what is written even if it's unreadable or does the essence and significance only apply when the words are read? Does the design of the fabric absorb the feeling of the words? Perhaps this is a bit esoteric to contemplate but it made me wonder. Whatever, I feel the end result is whimsical and unique and they make me happy to create.


Joanne Huffman said...


martha brown said...

These are fabulous, Lorri!

Connie said...

I love these lorri! you're going to have to try it on the bottom of one of your redone dresses or on a lingerie top!

Mo'a said...

These are wonderful...I would love to have one. I hope you will have some in the shop when you return.
It was such a pleasure to meet you at An Artful Journey last month. I am still in the clouds.
I am in love with California...this was my fourth trip. You are certainly lucky to live in such a lovely corner of the world.