Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hand Painted Silk Scarves with Faux Writing

I've been in my studio and it's past dinner time. I won't be fixing the chicken but something a little easier and faster. When I walked out of my studio this was the site I had to stop and absorb. I've lived on this mountain for almost 16 years and the beauty of it still takes my breath away. The twilight reigns over the valleys and hilltops as the lights of Santa Cruz begin to twinkle below. I once asked my father-in-law, who lived on this land for many years, if he ever took this view for granted and he said "on no because everyday is different". He was right.

I finished some of the faux writing scarves and plan to put them for sale in my Etsy shop but I think it will be in the morning before I do this. I'm ready to call it day and relax with a glass of wine and fix a nice cob salad. But I'll leave you with the photos I took. I'm really happy with these scarves.



Mrs. Spotts said...

These are absolutely stunning!


Joanne Huffman said...

The view is beautiful (I really have to come back and stay longer next time). The scarves are fantastic. Will you be selling them at AU?

lifeshighway said...

The scarves are incredible gorgeous. I am especially loving the blue one.

jennifer said...

The new scarves are FABULOUS!!!! I love them.