Saturday, October 18, 2008

Albie Smith's class at A&S

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to create paste papers using the techniques that Albie taught. Here are images of the work I did. We had a whole stack of papers to paint but I'm slow and only got a few done. I did get my book board put together and the front painted but not the inside. I can't wait to find time to finish this but it will have to be after Nov. 8th when I get back from St. Louis.

These are the first few small pages I did and I wasn't real happy with them but I had never used this technique before and was learning. I can also go back over them in the future to add more interest.

I painted a couple more small sheets of paper and then moved on to the large ones of which I only got two done.

By blocking out sections of the larger papers you can see how the designs could be used in other formats. Like a collage or a book pages.

This page was my "blotter" page and I quite like it and was surprised that it turned out so cool!

Now to see another persons work from this class go here ! Look how great his work is and how many sheets he got finished!

This is my covered book board.


Deborah Lambson said...

very pretty..If I could possibly stand to get side-tracked once more I would give this a go. Its a color thing I think, but these are wonderful and your cover turned out lovely.

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool! I love the textures you created and the book cover is lovely.


&rew said...

I love your book cover - so different from what I did with mine! Thank you for putting in a link to my work, but I think your work looked better than mine! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the book cover is absolutely gorgeous! Will you be taking this to MO?