Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today at 10:00, less than two hours from now, I will be attending a memorial service for a sweet little boy who died at age eleven in a tragic accident. He is the grandson of some dear friends of mine.

"Pippin Seales died at Natural Bridges, a place he loved, shortly after celebrating his eleventh birthday. He and two friends were playing in a cave below the entrance kiosk, when it collapsed. The injured friend is beginning to recover and needs your prayers. It took long, long minutes of frantic excavation to get Pippin out - first with the help of so many people who were nearby, and then by the rescue crew. He could not be resuscitated."

Quotes from those who knew Pippin in his many walks of life:

"so sweet"

"so beautiful"


"the stalwart kid"

"his contribution to our lives

is everlasting"

"so full of wonder and love"

"so kind"

"such a good friend to everyone"

"a bright shining star"

"Every time I saw him,

he opened my heart."

We all the know the cliches "Death is a part of life" "He's moved onto somewhere better" etc. etc., but it still leaves me to wonder why a young boy's life had to end this way, and why this boy? Thoughts that everyone ponders at one time or another and never has an answer for.

After this service I will be attending a second service for a young man, 21 years old, a friend of my oldest son's, who died in a car accident.

I can't believe this will be my day. I don't know how I'll feel. Right now I feel nervous and sad. In the back of my mind humor is trying to surface saying "Geez you sound like that lady in Harold and Maud!"

And what do people wear to these services? Black? I think not these days, but nothing too bright or flowery right? Bottom line is, it doesn't really matter.

I will go to pay respects to the families, to those who survived, and feel badly for them and at the same time grateful that my family is healthy and alive. Does that sound crass? I don't mean for it to. I truly am grateful since any of these accidents could happen to us at any time.

I think I'll close now and take a walk before getting ready for this emotional day.


Joanne Huffman said...

I think your feelings are genuine and loving ane entirely appropriate. It doesn't matter that death is inevitable; it's not supposed to happen to children and accidents are scary because they remind us how little control we have.

love, hugs and sympathy to the families involved and to you, their friend,

Rella said...

Loss......we don't get through this life without it, it seems. Each one tears a little place in our hearts and at the very same time seems to make room for more love.....a deeper appreciation.....a rich thankfulness for all that we DO have and often take for granted.

I wish for you..a sense of peace ..that you might somehow leave with those who are floundering to understand.

xo Rella