Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home from Art & Soul

Driving through Shasta I snapped pictures as I drove. The guy behind me gave a puzzled look as he passed me, seeing me stick my camera out the window as I went along the highway. On the way home Mount Shasta was dusted with new snow but my camera was packed in the back of the car so I only have these photos of it on the way up.

I was away for ten days and it is always such a wonderful yet intense experience! I went early this year so I could take Albie Smith's class. I haven't taken pictures of my work in her class and will save that for the next post. I drove the 700 miles (two days up and two days home). I took Albie's class on Wed. and Jennifer Campbell's on Thursday evening. I set up for vendor day late Saturday afternoon, after Jennifer and I went exploring the Alberta area of Portland and then onto N. Mississippi. We were informed by the owner of Collage to check out a cool vintage type shop called Flutter. We found the most wonderful deconstructed and recycled garments and jewelry by local artist, Julia Barbee. We each had to have one of her slip dresses! You can see us wearing them at vendor night.

My classes I taught were fabulous. It's always such a challenge to get all the dye equipment I need there and set up but at the end of the day seeing what is created in the classes and meeting all the wonderful people is all worth it. I did not get any photos of classes. I am bad about that so I have nothing to post. If any students are reading this and took pictures please let me know!!

I unloaded my car yesterday but all the boxes and tubs are waiting in my studio for me to unpack them so I'm off to do that now.


Connie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, lorri - I'm glad to hear it went so well! But no pictures? I need pictures!

Anonymous said...

your photos of both of you are stunning, i love how you posted them, too!
it was very nice seeing you at art and soul... thanks for picking up all the goodies for us. ;-)
i look forward to seeing you again, where ever that may be, until then.... keep creating, your work is so beautiful!